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Spleen Bass Tab

Band: Staind
Song: Spleen
Album: Dysfunction
Tabbed By:  Alex Miller

i have this tabbed for a 4-string and a 5-string. this
probably isn't totally right but it works for me.

4-string version's tuning is low to high(C, A, D, G)
to save time i'm just going to tab only the string u
play and none of the others.
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intro(Riff 1):

(Riff 2)at "Can't Breath!!!!!!"
C:-3-2-1-2 repeated lots

(Riff 3)at "i don't like the way everything is gay..."
(Riff 4)when he says something like"i don't need
u..."its like:

then there's the really mellow part that's like this:

then u go back to riff 2 and then ur done. it's a
really easy song to play have fun with it.