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Right Here Acoustic Intro Chords


I've seen a lot of versions of this song for acoustic, but this is what i play.
If you have trouble with the song go here :
I'll try to post some of the covers i play every once and a while to help you out with timing.
If you got any questions or want to help me out with this idea email me Enjoy.

A   = xx222x
A*  = 577655  
Bm  = 224432
D   = 557775
F#m = 244322
G   = 355433


Pick the Intro kind of slowly, you'll get a feel for it once you hear it, this tab is especially for those who enjoy singing the staind songs, got any questions just hit me up. please type TAB in the subject line, enjoy.

Bm     A
[ Tab from: ]

G     F#m


After F#m begin strumming Bm and begin the song...(Singing with it helps with the timing).

If you don't like the sound your getting from the chords play the chords skeleton..for example:

A   = xx222x
A*  = 577000  
Bm  = 224300
D   = 057700
F#m = 244300  
G   = 355400

NOTE: The end of the LAST Chorus strike the G only once and let your voice end the song, if you have a good voice, this is when you will prove it.  See, thats not so hard.