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Its Been Awhile Acoustic Tab

Author/Artist: Staind
Title: It's Been Awhile
Album: Break The Cycle
Transcribed by: Eugene Prokopenko

intro and verses:




There are three lyrical versions of the chorus in the song,
but the chord progression is the same for all three.  Here
is one version.

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Am          Cmaj7          G6     Dsus2
  And everything I can remember
Am             Cmaj7          G6     Dsus2
  Is f**ked up as it always seemed
Am          Cmaj7          G6     Dsus2
  The consequences that I rendered
Am      Cmaj7          G6     Dsus2
  Gonna f**k things up again


Am                      G6    Dsus2
  Why must I feel this way?
Am                   G6    Dsus2
  Just make this go away
Am                        G6    Dsus2
  Just one more peaceful day

  Am  Cmaj7  G6  Dsus2

That's the song.  Tune down 1/2 step if you sound completely off.