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Epiphany Live Tab

Band: Staind
Song: Epiphany
Tab By: Scott (

Drop D tuned.  (tune lowest string to 7th fret instead of 5th)

Ok people, I've seen this done live.  He never plays lower than the 
4th fret, so whoever has this song tabbed out with a simple G chord 
or any power chords that are lower than the 4th fret are wrong. This 
tab is 95% right, I'm not sure about the other 5%...(the tuning of 
the high strings)...Listen to the song to get the strumming pattern.
(Playing the high strings {x's} is optional...I don't play them)

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eb |x----|x----|x----|x----
Bb |x----|x----|x----|x----
Db |6----|6----|6----|6----       (repeat this over and over)
Db |6----|6----|6----|6----
Gb |4----|4----|4----|4----
Ab |-----|4----|-----|4----

eb |-x-----|-x----|
Bb |-x-----|-x----|
Gb |/10----|\6----|           (repeat this twice)
Db |/10----|\6----|
Ab |/8-----|\4----|
Db |/8-----|\4----|

 / =slide up from last chord of verse   I.E. 6--/-10-\--6--/10
 \ =slide down                               6--/-10-\--6--/10