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Staind - Could It Be

tuning - half step down + E to C# (D + half step)

This is only the intro, as you can see. I'll try to figure out the rest of the
song. It's the main riff, when Mike turns on his distortions he only plays some
melody on octaves, which I don't know how to play:) I've only heard this record
three times but it's great song thug.
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Struming isn't off course correct, because I don't know how to write it down:)
But i guess it's very simple and you'll get it by the first shot:) 


Lyrics are included in CD book, so I won't write it. By the way, i don't like the
whole CD, but some songs are gr8, like Zoe Jane, Fare and Could it by. If you
know why Staind recorded the 8th song - Layen, or something like this, please
write me!! 

cye, dave on