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Stones Throw Chords

bear with me.. i'm 14 and new to this thing. been playing for only for about a year.
listen to the song for reinforce your strumming and timing. spongecola na to!

verse 1

D       A            G           A
 Try to see through,  cracks and mildew

D             A             G      A
 And turn the mirror upside down

D       A            G         A
 Cosmic force field,  withered windshield

D       A                 G       A 
 Faster than the speed of sound

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C       Bm                    C      D
Ooooh...coming on the floor...ooooh.........


D             C     D         C
   Tear these skies  with fireflies,

G                  A
Take a trip to paradise

D         C    D           C                G
   No surprise  you've got trenches in your eyes,

Maybe this is paradise

verse 2
juz use teh same chords over again. message me if you need help.

Everybody wants somebody
I won't have this stolen crown
Just a stone's throw, silent scarecrow
Got enough to go around

Oooh...coming on the floor...oooh 
(repeat chorus 2x)