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Dragonfly Chords


Artist: SpongecoLa

Album: Palabas

Track No: 11

Tabbed By: Dean Verzosa (First Tab!!!!) wLa Lng... 


Intro: C - Am - F - G



Maybe I'm a little addicted

Maybe I just Can't get out of this

F                                G
Maybe it is just too soon to say


I've seen you blow right past my window

Am                              F
You flew away and I was left inside

Without a clue



F                   G           C     Bm         Am
    But If you think that I am too stoned to write

                        F     G
    Don't think twice


Free your mind

Don't let me down
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F                                 G
We'll find a way to make it go away (Repeat)

F                                 G
We'll find a way to make it go away

   (                (Intro Chords)
I'll make it go away

VERSE III: (Verse Chords)
I went ahead without direction
A form of semi-self-mutilation
Dragonfly collides with truth

VERSE IV: (Verse Chords)
Why can't you see me like I see you
Can't you feel me like I feel you
Can't you be with me tonight




ADLIB : F C Am F  F G (2x)


OUTRO: ( Intro Chords)
I'll make it go away
[my dragonfly]


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