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ahaha!! narinig ko kc 2n song na 2 dun sa album niLa na bootleg!! so naisip ko 2loy ko!
gnWn ko n ng acoustic versIon!! Sorry kc slight ko lng kabisado ung sonG!!
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/sponge_cola/cry_crd.html ]
     C         G       Am           F            C      G      Am            
 Ill always reMember, It was late afternooN It lasted forever And ended so 
  F     C               G                         Am               F
 Soon, You Were all by yourself, starin up at the dark grey sky, i was 


 C                     G                        Am              F
In Places No onE will find aLL your feelings so deep inside, (Deep inside)
C                      G                        Am              F
It waS then that i realize That forever was in your eYes, the moment i saw

You cRy...

Thanx po!! sana magustuHan nYo!!! e-mail me if u liKe benjopunk@yahoo.com HAHA!! nid ko
ng Band cnu gs2 kumuHa skIn! Txt me nLng Dn 09206065622...