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Cool Water Chords

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Cool Water
written by Bob Nolan
performed by Sons of the Pioneers
notated by Greg Vaughn:

   E                  B7
1. All day I face the barren waste
       E                B7          E
   Without the taste of water, cool water
       A              B7
   Old Dan and I with throats burned dry
       E          A       E      B7           E
   And souls that cry for water, cool, clear, water
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E                          B7
Keep a-movin' Dan don't ya listen to him Dan
       E                     B7                            E
He's a devil of a man and he spreads the burning sand with water
A                    E
Dan can you see that big green tree
Where the water's running free
         B7                        E
And it's waiting there for you and me?

2. The nights are cool and I'm a fool
   Each star's a pool of water, cool water
   But with the dawn I'll wake and yawn
   And carry on to water, cool, clear, water

3. The shadows sway and seem to say
   Tonight we pray for water, cool, water
   And way up there He'll hear our prayer
   And show us where there's water, cool, clear, water

4. Dan's feet are sore he's yearning for
   Just one thing more than water, cool, water
   Like me I guess he'd like to rest
   Where there's no quest for water, cool, clear, water