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subject:i dreamed i dream
transcribed by mike abraham (1995)
by SONIC YOUTH (from thier 1982 release "sonic youth")

tune  a half step down

here are guitar variations of the soniK noise

variation 1

just make alot of noise in     A minor

variation 2
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you'll  have to listen to the song (if you have it)


I Dreamed I Dream

[Kim]					[Lee]
Look before you leap, okay?		You slept
Do you read me?				Did I drift?
May all your dreams come true		Do I dream?
He's standing by the door		Do you read me?
He's got something in his hands		I'm not speaking
All the money's gone			Do you read me?
All the money's gone			I dream
The days we spend, go on and on		
Fucking youth				I dream
Working youth
May all your dreams come true		Sound today are you sound today are
					you sound today?
A lot of people suffer			Sound today are you sound today are
From impotence				You sound today?
All the money's gone			Today
The days we spend go on and on		These things don't happen
Fucking youth                           I dream
Working youth				Edith moves each step
Fucking youth				The days we spent go on and on
Working youth				I dream
Fucking youth				Do you read me?
Fucking youth
Working youth
I love yr all
mike abraham