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Dont Drag Me Down Chords

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Subject: TAB : "Don't Drag me Down" by Social Distortion
Date:    Tue, 30 Sep 1997 06:50:19 -0700
From:    Jerry Kansky 

		            DON'T DRAG ME DOWN
		     	    Social Distortion
			        Tabbed By:
			       Jerry Kansky

This song is track three on the new Social Distortion album : White Light White Heat White trash

The chords the guitar plays are the same through out the entire song
Just listen to the cd to get the rythm right.At one point the guitar stops and only bass plays
and at another point you palm mute the chords but the rytum stays the same..As I said , listen
to the cd.
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				C G# D# A#

The main riff goes something like this :
This is not it exactaly but it sounds ok when you play it...It does
in my band anyway....Enjoy


The Bass Part for the song goes Like this:


You don't just hold the note , you play it in rhythm with the guitar
part...Listen to the cd to get it right.