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Fall Apart At The Seams Chords

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Fall Apart at the Seams 
      By Darden Smith  
      by Chris (   

      Capo 2          

       D            Bm              D
                             I spend most of my life trying to   

       D           Bm                D                    
      wear another mans clothes  the collars to tight and the 

       D                 Bm             G 
      shoes they hurt my souls  I gotta closet full of nightmares 

      G                    Bm                G
     in the style of your wildest dream  and nothing seems to fit 

           A                         D                 Bm     A
       me anymore I fall apart at the seams  Oh    Oh    Oh   Oh   

         A           D                                     Bm
        there's a blackbird calling me up from the highest tree  

       she    says if you don't like the way things are going  

          Bm                         G
       fly away  with me...  now when I was A kid I tried to  

       G               Bm               G
     walk a flashlight beam.......  and everytime you turned  

      G              A                            D
      the lights off baby..I'd  fall apart at the seams...  

            Bm     A        G                A              Bm
     Oh     Oh      Oh..ten years from now a month from yesterday..

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       G          A            Bm 
      colors will fade as in a dream........and if you ever 

       Bb           A                E              G
      cross my mind wherever that my be..... I will fall  A-  

      A           D             Bm     A
     part  at the seams.....Oh...Oh    Whoa......  now I used  

     D                         Bm                D
    to have a house on the rock.... Oh   man but because  I just

     D                                      Bm
    couldn't be satisfied I took out across the sand.....and  

     G                                        Bm
    that lack of satisfaction now has cost me everything.... I   

    G                 A                       D
   lost  my rock..yea  and come apart at the  seams.....Oh...

     Bm    A                  G          A             Bm  
    Oh.    Oh..     ten years from now a month from yesterday    

     G           A           Bm                          Bb
    colors will fade as in a dream....  and if you ever  cross 

     Bb     A          E                    G     A
    my mind where ever that may  be...I  will fall apart at the  

     D            Bm    A        G               A       
    seams..... Oh   Oh.......ten years from now a month from  

     Bm               G          A          Bm
   yesterday....... colors  will fade as in dream......and if  

    Bm       Bb             A                E
    you ever cross my mind where ever that may be.....I  will  

     G     A    N.C.        Bm     Bb        A       E
    fall a-part     at the   S--E--A---M--S.................

      G        A          D

     Note:  This song  is my  version   and may not be  100%  correct