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Perfect Chords

Smashing Pumpkins - Perfect
Submitted By: matt burgess
album: adore

Standard Tuning: E A D G B E

Chord Fingerings:
   D  Em D/A Bm
E| 2  0  2   2 
B| 3  0  3   3
G| 2  0  2   4
D| 0  2  0   4
A| x  2  0   2
E| x  0  x   x


|D |Bm |D |Bm |D |Bm |D/A |Em |

  D          Bm            D
I know we're just like old friends
   Bm         D
we just can't pretend
     Bm          D/A   Em
that lovers make amends

   D   Bm           D
we are reasons so unreal
   Bm             D
we can't help but feel
     Bm                 D/A  Em
that something has been lost

    D          Em                    D
but please you know you're just like me
     D      Em
next time I promise we'll be
D       Bm
D       Bm (with Fig1)
[ Tab from: ]
D       Bm                 D
perfect strangers down the line
Bm            D
lovers out of time
Bm         D/A  Em
memories unwind

   D     Em                 D
so far I still know who you are
    D     Em           D   Bm (with Fig1)
but now I wonder who I was

|D |Bm |(with Fig1)

D         Bm                D
angel you know it's not the end
      Bm             D
we'll always be good friends
        Bm                D/A  Em
but the letters have been sent on

   D          Em             D
so please you always were so free
       D     Em
you'll see I promise we'll be
D       Bm (with Fig1)

D       Bm                D
perfect strangers when we meet
Bm               D
strangers on the street
Bm              D/A  Em
lovers while we sleep

    Bm               D
you know this has to be
   Bm              D
we always we're so free
   Bm                 D/A  Em
we promised that we'd be

D       Bm (with Fig1)
D       Bm (with Fig1)
D       Bm (with Fig1)   D
listen to sonic youth!