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this is from an early bootleg by slipknot it is possibly one of my
favourite slipknot songs.
it sounds better on acoustic guitar (i think anyway)
verse x 3

d:           3/2 323 527
a:  5       
e: 7  7 2 7

chorus x 6

d:         7 3                 b=bend
a:  5 7/5  7 5                 /=slide
e:  3      5 5
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e: 3 2324235 7b 8b 6b 525 6b 7b8b 33

the lyrics are: alone again seems i was born to press, u again save
me from emotional distress, my one true desire my one true love,
i was born to press born to press, these flowers are my only friend
born to press born to press.
this seems right if u have any problems email me