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Halfway To Infinity Chords

G C G D 2x

Verse 1:
      G              C           G                  C
I was thinking yesterday, how it seemed you’d gone away
          G                  C         D    C
Yet you’d said that you’d be there to eternity
    G           C                G               C
But maybe I was wrong, and you’d been there all along
G               C         D     C   
Maybe I was the one who’d gone away

G          C             D               C
Halfway to infinity, the didstance I had gone
G             C                         F            C
Nothing could stretch this far but your never ending love
  G                    C               D            C
I ran from you but you followed me and never let me go
        G          C            F   C
Now I’m back, from halfway to infinity

G C G D 
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Verse 2:
         G              C          G                  C
But from me you had not gone, even with the wrong I’d done
         G               C           D    C
And with open arms you accepted, and held me
             G             C         G                C
I see you’re with me ev’ry day, even when I go my own way
         G                C           D    C
‘Cuz you said you’d never leave or forsake me


F                                Bb
Now I saw what had happened in a harsh new light
          F             Bb
I had not fallen in one moment
        F                        Bb
But had drifted over time to the edges of sight
     F                                 D
I no longer felt your warmth, just the cold sting of my life
        F                       Bb
Now you know that he will never leave
     F                         Bb
Even though you’ve strayed far from Him
F                   Bb
He’ll be there from start to end 
And that is why I love Him

Outro: G C G D G C G F C G