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Cheap Honesty Chords

Skunk Anansie, Cheap Honesty
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Artist: Skunk Anansie
Album : Post Orgasmic Chill
Title : Cheap Honesty

Tabbed by Mauro Da Col



Am   Bm   Am   Bm   Am   Bm


 	                         Am   Bm
I know too well,I know these lies

		  		          Am  Bm  
I've seen them smothered in sweet ridicule
                                        Am   Bm   
A seedy smile, they think thev'e scored
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                         	    Cadd9 Gm6 A7  A7  sus4  A7 
But I know morning comes and babes a lone again

    Dm Cadd9  Gm7(add13)
Too alone     again 


	      Bb      Gm    Dm     
So what can I do with cheap honesty

    Am      C  Bb       Gm    Dm
You giving me more than I can see

        C      Am   Bb
But I'm too cool to say

       Gm                 Dm     
That I want it all my way

    Am      C   Bb    Gm      Am      
Get blasted by this sincerity 


I wish I had, the streets full view
These people screaming
Through their settled loves
So I pretend, so mellowed out
Too teasing, weak enough to long for
Home again, loverly home again