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Brain Freeze Chords

Brain Freeze

By Six String Theory
Tabbed By Spike/Guitar

Intro Slow

[E] I want to be [G] Free [E] I want to be [G] Free

But [D] You your'e love swallows [A] me And [D] you you won't let [A] me...[Silence] 3 Beats 

Break [E] Free...[Rock It] [G] [D] [A]  [E] [G] [D] [A]

1st Verse

[E] Voices in my head [G] Won't go away 

[E] They tell me stop go [G] no stay
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[E] It's hard to tell what's [G] right from wrong

[E] Head rockin gonna tilt [G] Won't be long

[Chorus] 2X

[D] The pressures building up 

[F] Viens are gonna bust 

[C] I don't know who the fuck

[G] I can trust

Repeat Intro 1X

2nd Verse

[E] Voices in my head [G] Won't go away

[E] I'm not a preaching man [G] Won't pray

[E] I feel this pain inside [G] I don't belong

[E] Can't stop this fucking ride [G] I'm not that strong

[Chorus] 2X

[E] I wan't to be [G] Free

[E] I wan't to be [G] Free...