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Beneath A Black Sky Tab

 Six Feet Under-Beneath a Black Sky
 from the album-"Haunted"
 tune down one whole step to D
 Riff 1:
 Riff 2:		Riff 3:			Ending:		
 g------------------      g------------------	a-3-2--------
 d-------6----------	  d---3--------------   e-1-0--------
 a--22-5-4----------	  a-2-1-2-3-2-5------
 e--00-3------------      e-0---0-1-0-3------
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 Six Feet Under-Human Target
 from the album-"Haunted"
 tune down one whole step to D
 Riff 1:3x       1x		Riff 2:I didn't fell like tabing this part out so listen
 g-----------------------	E      to the disk to get the timing.
 d------66---------------	E,F
 a-22-5-44-5-------33----	E,
 e-00-3----3-------11----	E,Bflat

 Riff 3:			Riff 4:
 a--------------------------	a-----------------------
 e-0000000444433331111------	e00004444333344446666---

 Six Feet Under-Suffering in Ecstasy
 from the album-Haunted
 tune down one whole step to D
 I'm just going to write down the chords because it's a pretty simple song and it's all
 power chords.
 Riff 1:	Riff 2:		Riff 3:
 E,F		G,C#,C,Bflat	A,D#,D,C

 Riff 4:

 Mike Hochins