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Backstab Chords

Sisters by Mistake - Backstab
Submitted by Mikhailo

Intro: C4 Cm Dm

    Gm		   Em	
1. It's not always a knife that makes you bleed
Dm		  Am
it can be words, looks and deeds
Cm		   Gm
they can make your wounds much deeper
Fm		Dm
waking up the heaviest sleeper
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          Fm		     G#m	
Refr: Ripping your heart into little pieces
Gm			   Em	
friends loosing hound dogs from the leashes
Cm		   Gm
haunting the mind, carving the soul
Fm		        Dm
for them your suffrage is a goal

(Kitarrisoolo, salmi akordidega)


2. Cannot forget what they did, I cannot rest
why was it the friend that you counted the best
wearing a mask that has a smile
but in his mind only thoughts of crime


E             E7/F#        E7/G
Outro: Filled with questions, seeking replies
      Gm                   C7
but all we hear are simple lies
Trust someone - never. 
(Running and hiding forever)