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Surrender Chords

Tuning: Standard E-A-G-D-B-E

Chord tab:

    D    Am   G    C   G/B   A    Em   Bm   Gm   E

D                Am
On the plane to Amsterdam
   G                         D
I left the carnage on the ground
In your seat was emptiness
     G                              D
So heavy, we could barely right it down
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C                         D
And every color since I walked away
C                 G/B             A
Looks to me like every shade of wrong

            D            A
But now I'm on the way back
Em                  G
Chasing something better
D          A         Bm  E
And it's turning me around
     D             A 
Baby if you still care
            Em               G
If there's still a burning ember
     Em          Gm
I'm ready to surrender now

The illness of my galaxy
Made you revolve around my world
But I cast myself as the brightest star
Falling further from the girl

All the things I thought were made of gold
Turned out to be every shade of wrong


I left the promise bleeding
Cold and barely breathing
Em                 Gm   
Can you still hold on


Ready to surrender
I'm ready to surrender