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Siobhan Donaghy used to be in the girl band sugar babes (big in England),
but now she has left and has her own solo carer.
her sites are:

Artist: Siobhan Donaghy
Song: Iodine

ok, this song is in D, but they play it with a capo on fret 2 because it makes
the verse chord changes easyer and better sounding.


C     .C/B   .Am    .G     .Dm     .F    .G* 
X32010 X20010 X02210 320013 XX0231 132211 354433 

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C                                              C/B    Am 
Hurling our selves down to the depths, back since the day that we last 
        C/B C                                     C/B Am 
forget. Cause time it is set, out memories crept, so now lets political get


There is no left wing to fight the right wing 


were like turkeys in a box, our feathers all plucked of 
    Am                           G 
And we're already for christmas day. 
heres the pardoxm we're like presents all wrapped up, 
     Am                    G 
and we can't want for you to give us away 

(repeat for verse2 and chorus2) 

Middle 8 

F                         G 
like the cut of your love like the cut that wont heal up 
F                         G 
like the cut of your love like the cut that wont heal upppp 

(repeat chorus for outro) 

any questions my email is: