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O Jerusalem Tab

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From: ("Barry Hutchinson")

The hymn "O Jerusalem" as played by Martin Simpson on "A Closer Walk With 
Thee", where he makes a nice segue into "Go Down Moses" (I'm working on 
that one...).

I'm always amazed by how simple these arrangements are once I've worked 
out what he's doing, which can be tricky - that Sobell guitar of his has 
such a rich harmonic response that a simple counterpoint can often sound 
like a full chord. I guess studio production plays some part in this too. 
Plus the fact that the guy plays with such extraordinary sensitivity.

Anyway, the first part of this really is simple. The second is a bit 
trickier, and it took me a long time to be quite sure of the fingering 
for the first two measures. Stick with it, though, it's a beautiful lick.

Any comments very welcome.

Best wishes,



                             O Jerusalem
Trad., arr. Martin Simpson
Transcribed by Barry Hutchinson (

Open G tuning - DGDGBD
Capo 3rd fret


        q q      h  h  h  h      h  q  q  q q  q  q                       
B ||---------|------0--0-----|---2-----0-------------|--------------------
D ||---------|---------------|---0--------3p1--0-----|--------------------
G ||*---0h2--|---4--------0--|---0----------------0--|--------------------
D ||*--------|---0-----4-----|------0----------------|--------------------
G ||---------|---0-----------|---5--------0----------|--------------------
D ||---------|---------------|-----------------------|--------------------
  (Freely)      arp.            arp.                                      

q  q  q  q  h  q  q     h  q q  q  q  q  q     h  h  h  h               

 h  q  q  q q  q  q     q  q  q  q  h  q  q                             
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q e e q  q  q  q  q  q     q  q  q  q q  q  q s s s  s                  

q  q  q  q  h  q  q     h  q q    h  q  q     h  q q  q  q  q  q          

q  q  q  q q  q  q s s s  s     q  q  q  q  q  q  h   

 h  q q    h   q  q      q e e q  q  h                     

==                       TABLATURE EXPLANATION                        ==

----5h8--- Hammeron                   
----5p8--- Pulloff                   

----5/8--- Slide Up                   
----5\8--- Slide Down                 

||------|| Repeat Start & End

  w = whole note            W = dotted whole
  h = half note             H = dotted half
  q = quarter note          Q = dotted quarter
  e = eighth note           E = dotted eighth
  s = sixteenth note        S = dotted sixteenth
  ^ = triplet

  arp. = arpeggio

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