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Worst Day Ever Chords

i am at school so i will just give you 
the chords so listen to the song 
for the rythym and place the chords over the correct words because they are all right

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It's six am, the clock is ringing,
I need to spend and hour snoozing.
   A                   G    
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
I punch in I'm still sleeping,
Watch the clock but it's not moving.
   A                 G 
'Cuz everyday is neverending,
    F                   G  
I need to work, I'm always spending

    C                 A
And I feel like I'm living the worst day,
  C       G      F      G   F   G   
Over and over again.
   C               A 
I feel like the summer is leaving again.
   C                  G            F
And I fee like I'm living the worst day,
    C     A           D
It feels like you're gone and,
  F                 G
Everyday, is the worst day ever

Repeat this through this song