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A Heart In New York Chords

A heart in New York by Art Garfunkel  (Live in Central park) Edited     

Capo 2  

Picking proposition

     E              A    E  F#m    B   Bsus4  B
New York - to that tall skyline i come
         C#m      A               F#m      B
flyin`in in from London - to your door

New York - lookin`down on central park
where they say you should not wander - after dark

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New York - like a scene from all those movies
but you`re real enough to me - for there`s a heart
a heart that lives in New York

   G#m                               A 
A heart in New York - arose on the street
            B           C#m
I write my song to that city heartbeat
   G#m                                 A
a heart in New York -  the love in her eyes
         B            C#m
an open door - and a friend for the night

     E              A E  F#m      B  Bsus4  B
New York - you got money on your mind
        C#m              A                 F#m         
and my words won`t make dime`s - worth of difference
    B         Bsus4    F#  B F#  G#m  A  E
so here`s to you New York

Gustav Lindmark