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In Need Chords

e                                D
Every night I dream  you're next to me   
   C                     a
and  tenderly you say my name 
e                               D
You're still close enough  to keep me up
    C                        a
and disappear when we're face to face
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chorus ......
D              a            B           C\G            D
And if you carry me tonight I will be strong enough to fight 
D               a                   B      C\G               D
and wnen you're week and can't go on I'll be the bed you lay upon
D           a          B                 C\G            D
and blue is blue so am I 'cause I want to be with you tonight 
B                  C\G         D
and you're not the only one in need 

e                           D
And now everybody's watching me 
  C                             a
and what they see is me watching you 
e                             D
And the middle time is creeping by 
      C                       a
and I wonder why you're so removed

chorus ......

e                     D
If i love will you run away
     C                       a
and if I stay will you disappear