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Barely Breathing Chords

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From Fri Apr 18 10:28:37 1997
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 17:48:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Barely Breathing

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Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik (?)

Transcribed by Corey Brown At

I just taped this from the radio and tried to figure it out.  I don^Òt know
how correct it is.  It sounds o.k. to play, but any additions would be great.
 I think they are using 2 guitars at some points, so these are just the basic
chords I could hear.

The chord progressions over the stansas repeat, so I didn't write all the
chords out.  This is my first time writing a song out on the computer so I
hope it's o.k.  If you listen to this song, you can hear the changes.

Intro - Em7, A7, C9, D2

		                Em7	 	                 A7
I know what you^Òre doing, I see it all too clear
	                 C9			                       D2
I only taste the saline when I kiss away your tears
You really had me going, wishing on a star
The black holes that surround you are heavier by far
I believed in your confusion, you^Òre so completely torn
It must have been that yesterday was the day that I was born
Not much to examine, not enough to hide
You really can^Òt be serious to have to ask me why
I say goodbye

		                C9 		                      G
Cause I am barely breathing, I can^Òt find the air
		                 Asus7 		              F
Don^Òt know who I^Òm kidding, imagining you care
		                     C9		                       G
And I could stand here waiting, a fool for another day
		                 Asus7				                          F
I Don^Òt suppose it^Òs worth the price, it^Òs worth the price, the price that I
would pay
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And everyone keeps asking what^Òs it all about
I used to be so certain, now I can^Òt figure out
What is this attraction, it^Òs only filled by pain
And nothing left to reason, and only you to blame
Will it ever change?

C9		                 G  	       Asus7   F
   But I^Òm thinking it over anyway
	             C9           G        Asus7   F
I^Òm thinking it over anyway    	        Ah

D	             Am
Come to find, I may never know
G		               F
A changing mind is a friend or foe
I^Òll rise above, I^Òll sink below
But everytime you come and go
F			                      Em
Please don^Òt come and go


I know what you^Òre doing
	     Em        G
I see it all too clear


         Em7      A7      C9     D2      G     Asus7
A----2 -------0------3------x------2----0
From Mon May 12 14:12:59 1997
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 23:40:17 -0700
From: fenster 
Subject: TAB:  Barely Breathing  by Duncan Shiek

This is my first contribution to OLGA, but hopefully not the last.
I'll try to keep this simple, because, well it's a pretty simple song.

Intro:  Em7  A  C(add9)  D  Em7

The same chords are played throughout the verses:

Well I know what you're doing, I see it all to clear
I only taste the saline, when I kiss away your tears
You really had me going, wishing on a star
The blackholes that surround you, are heavier by far
I believed in your confusion, so completely torn
It must have been that yesterday, was the day that I was born
There's not much to examine, nothing left to hide
You really can't be serious, you have to ask me why
I will say goodbye

Cause I am barely breathing
and I can't find the air
Don't know who I'm kidding
Imagining you care
And I could stand here waiting
Ooo, for another day
I don't suppose it's worth the price, it's worth the price
The price that I would payyyy
                    Gadd9     Am7
But I'm thinking it over, anyway

***Listen to the song for the rest of the lyrics...he sings pretty
clear...if anyone wants to add lyrics or if they disagree w/ the chords
please feel free to let me know.