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Cast Some Spells Chords

'Cast Some Spells' - by She Likes To Wrestle
(transcribed by OJ Turner)

E             G                        E             G
You make most weird sounds, and you're shaking in my bed,
E             G                        E                    G
You're talking and I hear but I don't know what you've just said.
E            G                E              G
I try but my sentence is just crumbling into bits,
E          G                     E                  G
I gave you nothing, dear, and in return you gave me fits.
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G           B                E
When you're sitting here and nothing seems quite rational,
G           B                      E
And then you cast some spells, and anything seems possible.

2nd Verse (same chords as 1st verse)
There's nothing there anymore, but I still let you in my bed,
You cling and you become my skin, but its something that I must shed.
I know it will be crushing but it is something that I must do:
To kill the verisimilitude of this sham thats love for two.

Instrumental Chords: C, Bb x8

Chorus x2

There you go. Now you can all rock to SLTW! Come on lads!