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Faithful Departed Chords

Capo 2nd fret

C			Am	
This graveyard hides a million secrets
C			Am
And the trees know more than they can tell
C			F
The ghosts of the saints and scholars will haunt you
G		C
In heaven and in hell

Rattled by the glimmer man, the boogieman, holy man
Livin' in the shadows and the shadows of a gunman
Rattle like the coppers in your greasy till
Rattle til the time stood still

Look over your shoulder; hear the school bell ring
Another day of made-to-measure history
I don't care if your heroes have wings
Your terrible beauty's been torn

C	G	Am	G
Faithful departed we fickle hearted
F	Em	F	G
As you are now so once were we
C	G	Am	G
Faithful departed we the meek hearted
F	Em	F 	G
With graces imparted bring flowers to thee
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The girls in the kips proclaim their love for you
When you stumbled in they knew you for a shilling or two
They curse you on Sundays and holy days
When you all stayed away
You slept there naked; light bulb hid your shame
The shadows on the wall they took all the blame
The sacred hearts picture compassion in his eyes
Drowned out the river of sighs
The grass grow green on the brewery tonight
Never come between the darkness and the light
There is no pain that can't be eased
By the devil's holy water and the rosary beads

Faithful departed we fickle hearted
As you are now so once were we
Faithful departed we the meek hearted
With graces imparted bring flowers to thee

You're a history book, I never could write
Poetry in paralysis too deep to recite
Bless yourself and dress yourself; you've won the fight
We're going to celebrate tonight
We'll even climbed the pillar like we always meant to
Watch the sun rise over the strand
Close our eyes and we'll pretend
It could somehow be the same again
I'll bury you upright so the sun doesn't blind you
You won't have to gaze at the rain and the stars
Sleep and dreams of chapels and bars
And whiskey in the jar

Faithful departed
Look what you started
An underdog's wounds
Aren't so easy to mend
Faithful departed
There's no broken hearted
And no more distress
In your world without end