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Cumbersome Chords

                        F#                  E
                        She call`s me Goliath and I wear the David mask
                        B                      F#
                        I guess the stones are coming too fast for her now
                        F#                       E
                        You know I`d like to believe this nervousness will pass
                        B#                          F#
                        all the stones that are thrown are building up a wall
                        F#      A     E      F#
                        I have become cumbersome to this world
                        F#      A     E      F#
                        I have become cumbersome to my girl

                        I`d like to believe we could reconcile the past
                        Resurrect those bridges with an ancient glance
                        but my old  stone face can`t seem to break her down 
                        she remembers briges and burns them to the ground
                        I have become cumbersome to this world
                        I have become cumbersome to my girl
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                        F#                          A
                        Too heavy, too light, too black or white, too wrong or too right
                              E            F#
                        today or to night...cumbersome  
                        F#                         A
                        to rich or too poor, she`s wanting me less and and I`m wanting her more
                        The bitter taste is cumbersome, no, yeah
                        A  A F# E E F#
                        No, no, no...
                        No,no,no, yeah
                        F#       E            B
                        There is a balance between two worlds
                        one with an arrow and a cross
                        F#          E
                        regardless of the balance
                                B     F#
                        Life has become cumbersome

                        Too heavy, too light...
                        A  A  F#   E    F#
                        A  F#           E   F#
                        your life has become cumbersome