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hi kay chay celeste! para sau to! <<<-hehe miss na kita amp!

intro: C-Am-F-E

Verse 1:
C                   Am
As you turn away from me
I'm secretly hoping
That you'd come around 
And break the spell on me
It seems like it's fading
The fire between us
Has died down and now
You left me questioning
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C     E                    F
And I feel so lonely inside
      Fm                                 C
With the pieces of the loving ways we cried
      E               F
And I feel so empty now you've
Gone and took away my pride

Verse 2: (do chords in verse 1)

Why can't you reach out for me?
You're pulling me under
As the darkness blinds the world
Right out of me
I feel like I'm trembling
My knees are shaking
'cause I know there's something
You're not telling me.

(rep. chorus)
pakinggan nio nlng ung song para sa pagkakasunodsunod.

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hi sa mga tropa ko! mga taga salitran dasma.,cavite lalo na ung mga taga 107! mabuhay kayo! 

-=long live sessiOnroad=-