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Hairspray Tab

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THE SELECTER - hairspray - "hairspray"

Tab written by:  Michael Raven (

gruss gott. this is one of my favorite songs from the new selecter album, 
"hairspray", called "hairspray". i know, i know, they use mostly 
keyboards for all their kewl sounds, but this is for guitar, heh, so it 
should still work out just fine =)


(play this on the gutiar all nice and skanky, except the first C chord 
played shouldn't be muted, same with the E. the three C chords inbetween 
should be muted all skanky sounding.)

C / C C C / E / E E E / C / C C C / E / E E E


(yes, i know this too should be with keyboards, the grouping of the three 
C chords to the E should actually be a big glissando played on the 
keyboards, but those are the basic chords, the first C should be allowed 
to ring, the E's afterward should be very skankily muted, the three other 
chord blocks that follow those should be played virtually the same.)

C / E E E E E E E E / C / C C C / E

verse 1:  i met a girl i knew the other day
	  i said hello, she looked the other way

[ Tab from: ]
verse 2:  shopping for fun may chase the blues away
	  imeida marcos bought more shoes today

verse 3:  bored housewives re-arrange the pottery
	  hoping one day, they'll win the lottery

verse 4:  i met a man that who swore that jesus saves
	  i asked him for a loan 'til judgement day


(this is also done on keyboards, i believe, but to me, the same general 
sound can be achieved by playing a muted F on the guitars.)


oh oh oh you must need a hairspray
oh oh oh your so set in your ways
oh oh oh you must need a hairspray

[solo interlude/solo]:

(this leads into the keyboard solo, played exactly the same as intro, the 
F chord is played same as the chorus, and the lyrics are sung during the 
chord progression which is identical to the intro.)

C / C C C / E / E E E / C / C C C / E / E E E

you're oh so hard
you're oh so cool
you're so so smart
you're just a spray on fool



(this is played same as the intro to the solo and the intro. play 
throughout the entire lyrics, song ends on a C chord.)

C / C C C / E / E E E / C / C C C / E / E E E 

with your spray on suit
and your spray on hair
your spray on smile
and your spray on stare
your spray on curls
and your spray on shirt
you are spray on dirt...

THE SELECTER - hairspray - "hairspray"

Pauline Black:       vocals
"Gaps" Hendrickson:  vocals
Nick Welsh:	     bass
Martin Stewart:      keyboards

Paul Seacroft:       guitar
B L Cole:	     pedal steel