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Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 03:16:01 -0400


by screeching weasel!
written by ben weasel!
from the 1986 demo and "screeching weasel"
figured out by sean mcdermott (
thanks to http//  for the lyrics!


e,d,g,f, e (power chords except for the last E, which is x-2-2-1-x-x)

verse 1
e        d             g             f            e(pm)
i cant stand you right wing phonies
e        d          g             f           e(pm)
i dont like you congress cronies
e                          d          g            f          e(pm)
you spend all your days in shopping malls
e                                d                    g        f      e(pm)
you buy guns cause it makes you feel 9 feet tall
[ Tab from: ]
f                                                e(pm)
society makes me wanna puke!
f                                                 e(pm)
society makes me wanna puke!


verse 2
e         d  g          f            e(pm)
america! love it or leave it!
e              d                     g        f           e(pm)
i would if i could but i aint got no money
e                            d          g          f         e(pm)
corporations raising kids on top gun crap!
e                          d           g            f      e(pm)
i dont wanna go to war and die like a rat!

f                                                e(pm)
society makes me wanna puke!
f                                                e(pm)
societty makes me wanna puke!


that is all. the 1986 demo has another verse, but the lyrics werent on, so i didnt include that one. i dont
know if there is another verse on the screeching weasel lp or not. 

if you have any tab for the clash, green day, pansy division, p.o.l, sex
pistols, ect, e mail me!

all for now!