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Too Far Tab

Date   : 30th,August,2004
Song   : Too Far
Artist : Scorpions (Bouns Track)
Album  : Unbreakable
I am   : Mohamed Hassan ...20 years old ...Egyptian

Hi all,back with another tone from scorpions,this I thikn a Bonus
track in "Unbreakable",it's a short but sweet tone,mostly acoustic,with no
solo,but still awesome as usual,don't about you guys but I love them when
they unplug
figure out the strumming cause I don't know how to explain it

Intro Riff :

---4-----------------1--4h6-4-4-4-4-----| you can lose
----------------------------------------| some of the base notes
-------6--------------------------------| if it bothers you,
-4-------------4---2-0------4-4-4-4-----| that's what I do




Verse :
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I wanna read in your eyes
that you say yes when you say no

I wanna take a step across this line
till you can feel my love

G#m          E           B           F#
you open the door and it hits to the core

Ain't got no pearls or diamond rings
I only got my heartbeat

but it won't be long and i will wait
and melt inside your heart

you opened the door and it hits to the core

            G#m  F#   E       F#
we went too far       way too far
        G#m        F#        E     E
there's no turning back this time
            G#m  F#   E       F#
we went too far       way too far
    C#m          F#     G#m
and you're gonna be all mine

we went too far,way too far
it can never be too far
we went too far,way too far
to find nothing but real love

That's it,there's some guitar licks but they are so easy so I won't add them,have fun
keep it rockin'
contact me :