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Lady Starlight Chords

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Date: Wed, 9 Dec 92 17:00:33 EET
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Lady Starlight by Scorpions

(5_7 = slide from 5 to 7)

         Walk through winternight
                     G      A
         looking the stars  passing time
         Dream about the summerdays
                    G       A
         loving you so  and lonely pains

         G         Bm            G               A
         I see the stars they're miles and miles away
                  Dmaj7                G            A
         like our love of one of these lovely winternights
[ Tab from: ]
         Dreaming through winternight
                     G       A
         memories of you  of passing by
         Seems to me like yesterday
                     G     A
         I think you do  I couldn't stay

         I see ...
         like our love
              C                  D           C
         lady starlight  help me to find  my love
              D                  C
         lady starlight  help me tonight
                                 D           C
                         help me to find  my love
(* in this part it is best to use barre chords to make it sound real *)

         Walk ...

         Snow touches with the wind
                        G        A
         I wish I could be  with you again

         I see ...

Chords:  Dmaj7  G  A  C  D  Bm
         5   5  3  0  3  5  2
         7   7  3  2  5  7  3
         6   6  4  2  5  7  4
         7   0  5  2  5  7  4

         5   0  5  0  3  5  2
         0   x  3  x  x  x  x

note that Dmaj7 can be fingered two ways,
I use the first one on the chorus and the other one elsewhere
(x stands for "not played")

(lyrics are *bad*, too much for me at least. and I didn't find them
in /pub/music/lyrics/s/scorpions)