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Author/Artist: Saves the Day
Title: Take Our Cars Now!
Album: I'm Sorry I'm Leaving
Transcribed by: xxxiamjoexxx (Joe)

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Notes: Listen to the song for the timing for the intro and strumming.


                         1st 2nd 3rd 4th

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Don't you remember 
     G                 F                 F
the last time we were speeding down this highway? 
  C                G           F             F
Anna slept in the back seat, dreaming in the autumn heat. 
     C                   G
We turned up the country radio. 
       F                 F
I said, "if you want me just say so." 
C         G       F
I slicked back my hair in the wind. 

   Am         C               G       F  
I told you I didn't want my picture taken 
Am      C           G
but you snapped it anyway.
       F           Am                   C         G            F
Now I guess Now I guess you won't have trouble remembering me someday. 
Am C G

Note: The other verse and choras have the same pattern.

F             G
Maybe you'll never remember me. 
F        G    G    G    G     F
Maybe my face will lose these scars, 
'cause sometimes they keep me home at night 
        F                         G
where I duck under the covers and wince when I see the light. 

Note: The bridge has the same pattern as the verse.

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