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From: Preserved Moose 

by Sarah McLachlan
from the album Fumbling Towards Ecstacy
Transcribed by John Argentiero (

The bulk of this song is done on piano, but I will provide chords that
sound decent on guitar.  The spacing of the chords may seem odd, but I
tried my best to match them up with the vocals.  The album is the best
reference for when to play what.

This is some tab for the intro, notes in brackets are supposed to be done
on piano.

        hold that e for about 2 bars			1st verse...

Incidentally, heres TAB for the chords, just for clarity's sake...

  Em    D/G  Dsus2  Em9   Em/A  D/A    C     G    D/C    Am

(Just piano first time)

  Em		    D/G        Dsus2      Em
I Love the time and in between,       The calm inside me

		   D/G	       Dsus2		 Em9
in the space where I can breathe.      I believe there is a

Em		D/G	    Dsus2   	      Em
distance I have wandered to touch up no the years of

Em	    G         Dsus2
Reaching out,   and reaching in

Em      G      D      C
  Holding out,  Holding in.

(acoustic guitar comes in on 1st Am7)
Am7   D       Em9         Em/A  D/A  Am7        D
  I    believe this is Heaven   to   no one else but me.

Em9          Em/A    D/A     Am7  D
  And I'll defend it long as   I  can be

Em           D           Am7
Left here to linger in silence

	  D                 Am7            D
If I choose to would you try to understand?

[ Tab from: ]
  Em                D/G            D                      C
I know this love is passing time,  passing through like liquid

Em      G                     D/C
    I'm drunk in my desire

C     Em               G
But I love the way you smile at me,

  D                     C
I love the way your hands reach out and

Em     G
   Hold me near.

D  C    G     D    C
  I  believe    I

Am  D        Em                   Am         D       Em
  I   believe   this is heaven to no one else but me,

                           Am  D
And I'll defend it long as   I  can be

Em                      Am
Left here to linger in silence,

           D               Am
If I choose to would you try to understand?

Em      D/G         D                      C
Oh, the quiet child awaits the day when she can break free

Em             G                  D       D/C   C
  the mold that clings like desperation.

Em               G
Mother can't you see I've got to

D                     C       Em      G
live my life the way I feel is   right for me

D                 C
  Might not be right for you, but its

G      D         C    Am
  Right  for me, oh.

{start playing TABbed out part below here}
  D        Em                   Am         D
I   believe   this is Heaven to no one else  but me.

Em                          Am  D
  And I'll defend it long as  I  can be

Em                       Am
Left here to linger in silence

       D                  Am            D
If I choose to would you try to understand?

Am                 D            Am            D
I would like to linger here in silence if I choose to,

           Am       D
Would you understand it?

The song fades out repeating that last line.

Sometime around the last chorus, the guitar stops playing chords and
plays this:


This is played twice and then the guitar goes into the outro.  Listen to
the album closely for the timing of this part, its kinda buried in the
piano parts.
When playing this song alone on acoustic guitar, just ignore this part
and play the straight chords listed above.
Hope thiss is all you need to play this rather spiffy song.
Enjoy, and email me with amy comments!