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Mundane Chords

Em             G
I was Walking, around downtown

Cadd9                    Em
Seen the cars and lights moving all around.

Em             G         
I did not know it would take a while

Cadd9          Em
I did not know how to fake a smile

Em                  G
But there you were, you turned my way

Cadd9           Em
All I remebered was that summer day.

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Em                G
I want that back, I can't say that

Cadd9            Em
I want you here, chase away my fears.

Em              G
So little time, yet so much pain, 

Cadd9                 G
Why you had to leave, so mundane.

Verse 2
You don't know, you never realized
you never saw the hurt, that I seen in his eyes.
I was there, to see his fears,
I was there, to see his tears.
All you did, was go away
his world ended, on that summer day


(Em  G  Cadd9  Em) x2