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I'LL BE THERE BY S CLUB 7.  TABBED BY JONNY BLAIR.DEDICATED TO OLD JOE AND MENDENEZ, THE BEST FOOTBALLER IN THE WHOLE OF TRAMORE.THIS FEATURES ON THEIR SECOND ALBUM. IT WAS ALSO A B-SIDE ON REACH.THIS SONG IS QUITE MELLOW AND HAS AN RÕNÕB TYPE VIBE TO IT.IT WOULD HELP IF YOU KNEW THE RHYTHM OF THE TRACK BEFORE READING THE TAB.IT ONLY HAS FOUR CHORDS PLAYED AT THE SAME RHYTHM THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH. ITS EASY.SLIDE UP: //SLIDE DOWN: \\MUTE STRING: XINTRO:E|-------------------------------------------------------------B|-----8-8-X-8-8-10-8-------5----------------------------------G|--------------------X-5-7---X-5//7\\5------------------------D|----------------------------X-5//7\\5------------------------A|-------------------------------------------------------------E|-------------------------------------------------------------       C                    GVERSE: Looking in my memory, what did I see?       Bb                 F       All the good times you gave to me.       C                  G       Even from the park, way after dark,       Bb                 F       Listen to the radio in my car.       C                               G       It's times like these you see the wood from the trees,       Bb                          F       You come to my aid when I'm on my knees.       C                     G      Bb                F       The next time you feel alone, just pick up the phone.        CHORUS: Reach out and touch, whisper my name.        I will deliver, again and again.        Straight from the heart, honest and true,        I promise you this, I will be there for you.VERSE: When I think, I'd be lost without you.       Makes me wonder what I did before you.       When it mattered you were there for me,       You were my rock boy, you were my energy.       Time flies but I'll never forget, the way it was the day we met.       Don't be surprised, you know it's true.       I'm gonna be there for you.CHORUS.MIDDLE 8: Through the sun, through the rain,          I will still feel the same,          Be it good, be it bad,          I'll always understand.          When you're down, when you're blue,          I will be there for you.          Cause nobody does it better,          We're gonna get there together.          Through the sun, and through the rain.          I'll be there for you.          Through the sun, and through the rain.           Be there, I'll be there for you.CHORUS TO FADE.
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