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this is a really cool song..umm im not good at writing tabs so imma put the chords
up..you can hear the picking pattern in the verse but the chorus is strummed..umm
but on the verse its mostly just playin the bass notes..youll pick it up if u listen
to it..standard tuning by the way
( on the D chords you can play D or D/F# either sounds cool)
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/ryan_cabrera/shes_crd.html ]
Em                     D              C
She looks into my eyes, I'm alive again
Em                     D                  C
And when she says goodbye, I just die again
That's when my restlessness begins
Please don't let it win
I'm so tired again
    Em                   D                           C
And underneath the haze, one thing still remains the same

Em        C    G         D/F#
She's the only love I've known
    Em        C    G     D/F#
And now she's gone away
Em        D/F#       C                 D/F#
She's the light that brought me to the edge
       C         D/F#
Will I ever love again?

Verse 2 same as the first


C       D/F#                  Em
So just tell me what I should do
       D/F#           C
I left everything for you
          D/F#   Em
And I can hardly breathe
          D/F#                    C              D
Because I know I lost you from my world, from my world