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Stars Go Blue Chords

Song: Stars Go Blue
Artist: Ryan Adams
Submitted By: Frank Bear

I think this is pretty close, and i am not for sure if this is the name
of the song but anyways, here it goes!

There is no intro the song, it just goes right into the verse

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/ryan_adams/stars_go_blue_crd.html ]
C                 D#       Bb        F
Dancing where the stars go blue,
C                 D#        Bb       F
Dancing where the evening fell,
C                 D#        Bb       F              C     D#    Bb   F
Dancing in your wooden shoes,         are you happy now

Dancing out on 7th street,
Dancing through the underground,
Dancing with a marianette, are you happy now

Pre Chorus:
" Where do you go when you're lonely "

" Where the stars go blue "

At the beginning of this verse he picks out the chords and then he

Laughing with your pretty mouth,
Laughing with your broken eyes,
Laughing with your lovers talk, in a lullabye

Pre Chorus


Chord Chart
  C   D#  Bb  F
E     1
B     3   3
G 5   3   3
D 5   1   3   3
A 3       1   3
E             1