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Rustic Overtones


  A   C#m D   E



Hundred miles away 
Memories saved 
That covered bridge 
Where our names are still engraved 
You turn to go 
I turn to leave 
And you turn to gold 
And I turn to leaves 
In the cool shade 
Of a sycamore tree 
I Paint a perfect portrait 
Of how I used to be 
When I'm alone 
My mind is slow 
You can be the smiling face on a scarecrow 
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But I know myself 
I can't be like that 
I can't help myself I will always cry 
Keep my frown in a jar on the shelf 
And put on my favorite smile 
So far away 
And my eyes stay, dry 

In my head 
Is all I want to think about 
When I stop and stare 
I've got to learn to live without 
It'll be easier in the end 
When I've already lost a lover 
I can't learn to lose a friend 

- Chorus - 

Under a stone in the back I've grown 
A flower for you dear 
A flower that's so beautiful 
May now be tellin' how I feel 
So I water It everyday 
And I rip out every weed 
How can you think I would let it wilt 
When it was built from just a seed