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Under My Thumb Bass Tab

Band:  Rolling Stones
Album: Aftermath
Song:  Under My Thumb
Bassist: Bill Wyman
Tabbed By: Louie Wyman (No Joke) (
--Standard Tuning-- (EADG)

I haven't found a really good version of this song yet, so I took a try at it. 
I'm not so sure about some of the parts of the chorus, but I think they're pretty close.

Verses and Instrumental
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The song opens with the verse riff, and plays it twice through the actual verses,
the rythm changes when Mick is singing, but if you listen, you can get the jist
of it. Just listen to the song to get the order, it pretty much just switches back 
and forth about 5 times, so it's pretty simple.
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