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Subject: Rolling Stones - If You Can't Rock Me


Subject: Try this out please


  Here's a tab I'd like you try out.  It's the riff in the middle of `If

You Can't Rock Me'.  The song is in open G.  Let me know if the tab
[ Tab from: ]
works for you.  This is a really cool riff to know.  I sprinkle parts of

this around liberally through a lot of songs.

   &  1  &  2  &  3  &  4  &  1  &  2  &  3  &  4              

D ------------------------------5-----------5------------------------- 

B -3--4--0--5-------------------3-----------3-----------------------

G -4--5--0--5--------0------------------------------------------------

D -------------2--3--0------------------------------------------------

G -------------3--4---------------------------------------------------

D --------------------------------------------------------------------

I want to work the whole song out when I get a chance but this riff

*really* is the best part of the song.  Hopefully my editor doesn't do

more weird changes to what I really wrote as I save this letter.



It did.  Well I changed it again hopefully it stays this time.

Hey!! Edit #3 and it seems to be holding



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