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ARTIST: Rolling Stones
SONG: I Don't Know Why aka Don't Know Why I Love You
ALBUM: singles collection/the london years
FROM: Lukas Lechner
DATE: Aug 26 2002

written by Wonder/Hunter/Pizer/Hardaway


Bb   G#    F#     C#     Eb     F#     C#   F#   G#    Bb

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Bb       G#         F#
I don't know why i love you babe
         C#          Eb
I don't know why, I don't know
F#           C#     F#            G#
I don't know why i love you, baby
But I love you darlin yes I do
Bb          G#              F#
You always treat me like a fool
      C#            D  Eb
You kick me when i'm down that's you're rule
F#           C#     F#
I don't know why i love you baby
 G#     Bb
But i love you

When are you gonna stop your cheatin ways
With another guy you laugh in my face
Just how long must i be disgraced
Cause I love you baby

I don't know  I don't know why babe
I don't know  I don't know why baby now
I don't know why I love you baby
But I love you

"Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll - we invented them all!"
					  Keith Richards

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