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Dead Flowers Chords

Dead Flowers by the Rolling Stones

Verse 1

D                   A              G                D                   
When you're sitting there, in your silk upholstered chair

D               A                   G 
talking to some rich folks that you know,

D                   A         G            D
I hope you wont see me and my ragged company.

D                A          G
You know i could never be alone.


         A                         D
Take me down little Suzie, Take me down.

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A                                             D
I know you think you're the Queen of the underground.

       G                           G
You can send me dead flowers every morning.

G                           D
Send me dead flowers by the mail.

G                          D
Send me dead flowers to my wedding.

      D                  A             D
And I wont forget to put roses on your grave.

Verse 2

When you're sitting back in your rose pink caddilac,
Making bets on Kentucky Derby day.
I'll be in my basement room with a needle and a spoon.
Another girl might take away my pain.

Repeat Chorus