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Right Next Door Chords

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From: "L.J.Vroegindeweij" 

Right Next Door-robert cray

A# (4 times)


Cm                                        Eb
I can hear the couple fighting right next door
      F                 Eb                  Cm
Their angry words sound clear through these thin walls
Cm                                            Eb
Around midnight I heard 'im shout "Unfaithful one"
      F                   Eb            Cm
And I knew right then the axe was gonna fall
A#                 A# (arpeggio)  Cm                Cm (arp.)
It's because of me                It's because of me
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I heard him shout "Who is he", she mumbled low
He said "Baby, don't you lie to me nomore"
And I'm listening through these thin walls silent o' shame
As she called out my name I was right next door
It's because of me                It's because of me
Because of me                     It's because of me

G#                                  A#            Cm
Oh, she was right next door and I'm such a strong persuader
G#                   A#         Cm
She was just another note on my guitar
G#                   A#              Cm
She's gonna lose the man that really loves her
G#                   A#                  Cm
In the silence I can hear their breaking hearts

SOLO (haven't tabbed it yet)

At daybreak I can hear him pack, say goodbye
I can hear him slam the door and walk away
Right next door I can hear that woman start to cry
I should go to her, but what would I say
It's because of me          It's because of me
Because of me               Young heart

CHORUS (twice)


Lennart Vroegindeweij----------------------------------------------------------------------
Lennart Vroegindeweij   |  "Women are not much, but they are
Groningen               |   the best other sex we have"
The Netherlands         |   Don Herold