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Sunday Driving Chords

Sunday Driving by Rivermaya
Tabbed by Benjie

Hey I just listened to the song last night and decided to tab it. I’m not sure if this
is 100% correct but it sounds right… Just listen to the song to get the timing…

At first, there is a guitar playing this riff over and over…

Then stops for a while… (with a drum intro)

Then the guitars start with the chords 

rhythm: A-D (8x)
lead: (this comes in the 5th measure)

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/rivermaya/sunday_driving_crd_ver_2.html ]
Driving on a Sunday
Tucked in the mellow pace of life
I think about you as the
Sun blinks between the trees
That waltz in the gentle breeze
    F#m      D…
I try to memorize the feelin’

If you can
E  F#m
The world that I see
E   F#m
The beatin of my heart
E   F#m
The flame that grips me
E                             F#m
Would you believe in us?
D                             A
Would you believe in us?
(Intro 4x w/ the lead part)
II.  (stanza chords)

The wind’s whispering your name
Its slowdrivin’ me insane
My shelter, I daydream your hand in mine
Like sweet little melodies
Sing, love our memories return
Into the arm you once called home and

*the outro is just like the intro w/ lyrics
	Sunday driving, no returnin’… it just goes like that until the song ends…

That’s all… if you have any comments or suggestion, you can e-mail me at
benjmuzik@hotmail.com... Hi to all my classmates in 3-Simplicily… hehehe.. Thanx...