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Fragile Chords

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Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 02:54:53 +0800
From: Aaron Gan 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Rick Price

By: Rick Price
Transcribed by: Aaron Gan 


    B    Bsus4    E     G#m    F#


B  Bsus4  B  E
B  Bsus4  B  E
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B                    E
The first time I saw her she was lookin just
B               E
Like an angel in the night
B                   E
I tried hard not to cause no suspicion but
B                     E
She saw the look in my eye, but I

F#               E
Don't wanna hurt her
F#                E
And I don't wanna see her cry, but I
F#                      E
Want to love her like a woman

But she so

B Bsus4 B E

B Bsus4 B E

G#m F# E

B Bsus4 B E

Verse 2:
B             E
Sophisticated just like a lady
B                  E
Sweet and innocent like a child
B                 E
I wanna take her in my arms and hold her
B                     E
And I just can't resist her smile, but

Pre-chorus 2:
F#                      E
I wouldn't want to hurt her, and I
F#            E
Don't wanna see her cry, but I
F#                      E
Want to love her like a woman

But she's so

G#m        F#
Everywhere I go
      E         F#
She's inside my head
       G#m            F#        E
So now tell me what I am gonna do

Cause she's so