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Freedom Chords

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Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 15:11:48 +0500 (IST)
From: Rohit Bapat 
Subject: h/havens_richie/freedom.crd

                                  (Richie Havens)

Thanks to Richie's input, we now have the correct chords to the Anthemic
"Freedom"..... I've corrected the previous chords - here is the correct
 version (finally!):


For more information on Richie Havens playing style look here:
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 Bm         Bm
(Freedom, Freedom ) x 8 times
Bm                                   Bm
Sometimes I fell like I'm a Motherless child
Em                            Bm
Sometimes I fell like I'm a Motherless child
Sometimes I fell like I'm a Motherless child
  F#m                 F#
a long long long....way......
 F#7               Bm
way-ayye from my Home.... Yeah!

(continue the same way)

Freedom, Freedom) x 10 times
(Sometimes I feel like I'm almost gone) x 3 times
Yeah , a long long long way
way-ayye from my Home.... Yeah!

(Clap your hands) x 8 times
( Yeah, Yeah) x 10 times
(I got a telephone in my bossom and i can call him up from my heart) x
When I need my brother, I say Brother! (brother) Brother! (brother)...
.....[Mother (mother) Mother (mother)] x 2 times
Yeah...Yeah... fade *phew*

     **************corrections/improvements welcome!!!!!**************