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Storm In A Teacup Bass Tab

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Song: Storm in a Teacup
Album: Stadium Arcadium, CD 2: Mars

by: Frank Millea, millea dot 2 at osu dot ee-dee-you ;).

This is off the new Chili Peppers' album and is just a really fast, upbeat crazy jam.
You'll have to listen to the song by ear to get the rhythm down. My advice is to learn
one part first, and then just play that part until you want to learn the next one.
Flea is ridiculous, and this song is addicting.

This is my first bass tab, so any corrections/comments are appreciated.
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(main riff)
G ---------------------------------------------------
D -----------------------------------------------0---
A -------------------3-1h----------------------3--1h-
E -3-1-3h-1-3h-1-3-1------3-1-3h-1-3h-1-3-1----------

G ---------------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------
A -3-3-3-3---1-1-1-1---------------------------------
E ----------------------1-1-1-3h---3-3---------------

alternately, this sounds good too for the chorus:
G ---------------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------------------
A -3h--3----1h--1------------------------------------
E --------------------1-1-1-3h---3-3-----------------

G -------------------------
D -------------------------
A -------------------------
E -333/1h---333/1h---333/1h (repeat)